A summary of linda hogans novel power

Adult Literary Fiction Summary: When sixteen-year-old Omishto, a member of the Taiga Tribe, witnesses her Aunt Ama kill a panther-an animal considered to be a sacred ancestor of the Taiga people-she is suddenly torn between her loyalties to her Westernized mother, who wants her to reject the ways of the tribe, and to Ama and her traditional people, for whom the killing of the panther takes on grave importance. Omishto belongs to the Taiga Tribe, set in the swamps of South Florida, this small and dying tribe has few members in the reservation. Her mother, a born again Christian, expects certain things of her but Omishto is drawn to the ways of her ancestors and to her Aunt Ama who follows the spirit world.

A summary of linda hogans novel power

She was born in Colorado but grew up on a reservation in Oklahoma, and her native heritage is a strong and pervasive influence on her writing. Traditional Native culture honors the sacredness of family, of tribe, and of connectedness, not just among people, but between people and the environment they inhabit and the animals they co-exist with.

Traditional Native culture also honors storytelling, and sees at least some stories as being sacred, as being more than entertainment.

POWER by Linda Hogan | Kirkus Reviews

The sacredness of story is linked to the oral tradition in Native culture and literature. No Native language had a written alphabet until after the white man came to this hemisphere: This oral tradition has had a major effect upon the kinds of narratives Native American writers invent, and often leads to stories that are shaped differently than stories arising from western cultural traditions.

All of these elements have had an impact upon Hogan. Her volume, Daughters, I Love Youis a collection of poems against nuclear proliferation, a theme of concern to many Native writers because much of the uranium used in these weapons was mined on Native lands.

Her first novel, Mean Spirit is a fictional account of the historical theft of oil lands from the Osage in Oklahoma by the white man. The novel intertwines generations of family history with the history of oil and its exploitation. Solar Stormsher second novel, is a story of connections and re-birth among five generations of Native women who, in contemporary times, take a canoe journey they hope will heal both them and their land, under threat of development for hydropower.

Power deals with the similar issue of the hope to revitalize the land and culture through the development of the main character, a sixteen-year-old girl.

A summary of linda hogans novel power

Hogan has a long and passionate interest in the environment and with wildlife, and has worked as a volunteer with wildlife rehabilitators.

She is at home in the natural world, in the Native world, and in the literary world. Her interests in tradition, in the environment, and in wildlife pervade her poetry and her fiction.

Omishto is visiting Ama the day a hurricane hits. She and Ama survive the storm, but afterwards Ama feels a mysterious compulsion to track an endangered Florida panther, and Omishto feels equally compelled to accompany her. The aftermath of their encounter with the panther is painful for everyone, but Omishto learns how to deal better with her biological family, and she also grows closer to the few tribal elders who are left at Kili, their place above the swamp.

Power takes place along the Gulf Coast of Florida, among a group of Native Americans and mixed-race people known as the Taiga. The land is as endangered as the small tribe is: Where there once was swamp, lake, and forest, there are now concrete roads, strip malls, and resorts.

The land is being mowed under by development just as the remaining Native peoples are being mowed under by encroaching white culture. The Florida Hogan describes here is not the Florida of beach resorts and retirement communities, but rather what remains of the wild Florida, a land more water than earth, a land with tangled trees and vines, filled with dangerous snakes and still home to the endangered and seldom-seen Florida panther.

This is the Florida a visitor rarely sees, except perhaps in deep parts of cypress forest and in isolated patches of preserved swamp. This is a natural Florida endangered by invaders.Literary Analysis of Power by Linda Hogan The brief preface to the novel “Mystery is a form of power.” presents the reader with an overall theme before the first page is even read.

Although with a different meaning, Hogan uses power throughout the entire novel and in each facet of the narrative. Hogan seems to be suggesting, both in the epigraph and throughout the novel, that the Taiga, and Native peoples as a whole, may have more power than they are given credit for.

VI SOCIAL SENSITIVITY Hogan is sensitive both to Native beliefs and to environmental concerns. Summary of Linda Hogan s Power In Linda Hogan s novel Power, much is learned about Native American culture. The main characters, Omishto and Ama help reveal this culture.

POWER by Linda Hogan | Kirkus Reviews

The novel is divided into nine chapters. In Chapter 1, Omishto, a girl is in a boat that is floating on a pond. S. summary of Linda Hogans Power Limited Time Offer at Lots of alphabetnyc.com!!! We have made a special deal with a well known Professional Research Paper company to offer you up to 15 professional research papers per month for just $ summary of Linda Hogans Power essaysSummary of Linda Hogan's Power In Linda Hogan's novel Power, much is learned about Native American culture.

The main characters, Omishto and Ama help reveal this culture. The novel is divided into nine chapters. In Chapter 1, "Omishto,&qu.

A summary of linda hogans novel power

Linda Hogan This Study Guide consists of approximately 16 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Power.

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