Amanda diaz editing services

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Amanda diaz editing services

The intent behind the novel was certainly good but an outlandish type plot really hurt the book in my opinion. Dana Diaz is trying her best to find success as a stand-up comedian. She meets Amanda Dorn one day after a set and the two start talking about men who have attacked and harrassed them.

Amanda comes up with an 2.

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Amanda comes up with an idea that they each should go after the other's assailant. But will getting revenge be worth it in the end? There's some really serious and timely themes going on in the story as one of the males is a Louis C.

I wish the story hadn't included the character of Amanda because I feel like there was more than enough to explore in Dana's life. The comedy world is indeed a boy's type club and it's not something that is typically featured in books.

I think the book had potential but a crazy, overused plot device kinda ruined it. I won a free advance copy of the book but was under no obligation to post a review.

All views expressed are my honest opinion. Last Woman Standing is a furiously angry novel. In fact, its fury overwhelms the plot, but it certainly does make you think. Last Woman Standing confronts not just the magnitude of harassment women face, but also the odd and tangled place women who refuse to be silent find themselves in.

In making the main character, Dana, a comedian, you might think this will be a thriller with dark humor. It's not--which I think is the point--although I think it will displease some readers. Comedians often mine humor from dark places and Dana, who by the end has harnessed her rage into an up and coming career, has found that she's most successful when becoming "Betty," a woman who furiously strides through life, destroying anyone and anything that she comes across.

And that--furious rage--is the heart of Last Woman Standing.

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It starts in a familiar place: And that frightens Dana, just as Amanda reveals her ultimate target and frightens Dana even more. Is Dana in danger? Who is she in danger from? Can she save herself?

Sort of, very much, the ultimate villian is sadly very obvious, and kind of. It's that last question and answer that propels the story, unleashing a ferocity that consumes everything and produces a different Dana.

One who is sharper, stronger, but so tired by what she sees that anger is all she's got to keep her going.Dec 08,  · Cameron Diaz is Amanda, owner of a movie-trailers editing firm. Since she's played the same comedy character several times, there are few surprises; but an excellent script, written directly for her and the other three leading stars, projects it rather better than average.

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amanda diaz editing services

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amanda diaz editing services

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