Cardinal stritch capstone paper

Abstracts for the conference talks are available for download here.

Cardinal stritch capstone paper

Lepianka has developed some groundbreaking programs in the field, pulling in collaborations that go across the university and into the medical community.

As a result, nursing graduates at Stritch have developed their soft skills through spiritual care simulations as well as opportunities for group-based reflection that emphasize patient healing while strengthening the emotional resilience of these future nurses.

She set out to address that problem through several inventive collaborations with both colleagues at Stritch and medical professionals at Aurora Health Care.

The Spiritual Health course she Cardinal stritch capstone paper focuses on the core components of spirituality: Students are trained to use spiritual screening tools and identify spiritual cues in patient work; they also have the chance to practice approaches to spiritual care via monitored simulations with feedback.

Finally, they get a chance for powerful self-reflection that focuses on their own spiritual health and wellbeing as they embark on a challenging professional path. As one of the Stritch students who benefitted from shadowing a chaplain, Brenna Griffith grew to realize how invaluable Cardinal stritch capstone paper were as partners in a hospital.

Stritch student Matt Zietlow had a similar awakening after the Spiritual Health Class and clinical reflections. Zietlow notes that because Lepianka is focused on recognizing the person, and not the disease, he has been trained to watch both patients and their family members to see what they might need from him.

Lepianka reminds them that nurses and doctors are in positions of power in a hospital room, so Zietlow works to situate himself as more of a partner in patient care, taking a moment to pull up a chair and sit down to have a conversation or answer questions.

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He believes that adding just one moment per interaction can make the difference in a patient feeling seen, heard, and valued—leading to better patient outcomes and improved hospital reviews.

Nikki Hembel is a palliative care Nurse Practitioner who works on a team with Dr.

Cardinal stritch capstone paper

Several nursing students shadowed the palliative care team and learned about the impact palliative care has on patient outcomes. Turner has seen how providers are often pushing the spiritual components of their work aside to focus on efficiency and expediency. Having spoken to over 8, nurses over her career, Turner recognizes that the spiritual care component was simply not a part of their training.

For instance, in an early enactment, the actor portraying a patient mentioned that she was scared; the nurse in the simulation looked down at her papers.

Because technology permeates the culture, particularly in cell phone use, Boergers believes people are more likely to avoid eye contact, especially when confronted with a difficult moment.

Spiritual Health and Inventive Collaborations

She recalls one simulation that held special resonance for her; she was acting as a woman who just discovered she had a miscarriage, and the student nurses had to practice how they would deliver such news.

While Hermann was being told about a life-changing medical diagnosis, she noticed a few of the students were not taking it seriously.

Though she felt herself shut down instantly in that moment, she found a way to push through and make a connection with the student who was most dubious about the value of the exercise. Adding that using simulation mannequins for nurse training has removed a crucial human element needed for this type of training, Hermann believes Lepianka has created a world where the nursing students must embrace the uncomfortable by stressing that they cannot risk panicking once this is no longer a simulation.

By the end, any doubters in the process had become believers; with the final simulations, Hermann worked with one of the nursing students who had originally been the most skeptical.

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Every student has an opportunity to discuss how interactions with patients have impacted them emotionally, in either positive or negative ways. She explains how their Reflection Rounds start in silence, and sometimes that silence can stretch— but they want them to feel the silent presence of the support in the room.

Stritch student Marie Chantal Chavez realized powerful benefits from the Reflection Rounds, both professionally and personally.

Having faced some mental health challenges when she was younger, including self-harming, she recalls that she was not sure at one point if she would make it out of high school. Margaret Paulson, another Stritch student, had a profound experience with Reflection Rounds as well.

At first, she did not want to participate; she was intimidated by the idea of showing that much vulnerability. Two years before she started nursing school, she delivered twins prematurely; though her son survived, her daughter did not.

When she was in nursing school, she was terrified to even enter the Labor and Delivery unit. Eventually, by sharing her history with her classmates during reflection rounds, and speaking with a counselor, Paulson realized that while vulnerability is terrifying, sharing helped set her free. Now, she plans to work in Labor and Delivery, prepared to share her experience with others when needed, because she knows how powerful those connections can be.

Most recently, she taught Business Communications at Samford University.A dedicated professional with 13 years of both pubic auditing and internal audit experience.

In addition, I have 9 years of Higher Education experience both as a Senior Financial Analyst and Director of Treasury and Risk Management. CARDINAL STRITCH UNIVERSITY STUDENT-ATHLETE HANDBOOK 4 STUDENT-ATHLETE RESPONSIBILITIES AND EXPECTATIONS Vision and Mission Statements Cardinal Stritch University, sponsored by the Sisters of St.

Sister M. Alonzo Gozdowski, a schoolteacher for nearly 40 years who later had office duties at Cardinal Stritch High School and Lourdes University, died Thursday in Rosary Care Center in Sylvania. Cardinal Stritch University Online MBA. Cardinal Stritch University’s online Master of Business Administration program is run by the College of Business and program is designed by the College to train professionals with work experience. The recommendations in this guide are based on the 6th edition () of the APA Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

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This repository holds Masters level final projects such as theses, research reports, research papers, action research, etc. Sister M. Alonzo Gozdowski, a schoolteacher for nearly 40 years who later had office duties at Cardinal Stritch High School and Lourdes University, died Thursday in Rosary Care Center in Sylvania.

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