Citrix netscaler rewrite action movies

The Application Delivery Controllers are commonly used for load balancing purposes, to optimize traffic, and to perform extra security settings.

Citrix netscaler rewrite action movies

Why is Citrix application firewall the preferred choice for securing applications? With the following features, the Citrix NetScaler application firewall offers a comprehensive security solution: NetScaler hybrid security model allows you to take advantage of both a positive security model and a negative security model to come up with a configuration ideally suited for your applications.

Negative security model uses a rich set signatures to protect against L7 and HTTP application vulnerabilities. The application firewall is integrated with several third party scanning tools, such as those offered by Cenzic, Qualys, Whitehat, and IBM. The built-in XSLT files allow easy importation of rules, which can be used in conjunction with the native-format Snort based rules.

An auto-update feature gets the latest updates for new vulnerabilities. The positive security model might be the preferred choice for protecting applications that have a high need for security, because it gives you the option to fully control who can access what data.

You allow only what you want and block the rest. This model includes a built-in security check configuration, which is deployable with few clicks. However, keep in mind that the tighter the security, the greater the processing overhead.

The negative security model might be preferable for customized applications. The signatures allow you to combine multiple conditions, and a match and the specified action are triggered only when all the conditions are satisfied.

A specific fast-match pattern in a specified location can significantly reduce processing overhead to optimize performance.

The option to add your own signature rules, based on the specific security needs of your applications, gives you the flexibility to design your own customized security solutions. Request as well as response side detection and protection: You can inspect the incoming requests to detect any suspicious behavior and take appropriate actions, and you can check the responses to detect and protect against leakage of sensitive data.

citrix netscaler rewrite action movies

The application firewall offers 19 different security checks. This feature includes a rich set of actions and options. For example, URL Closure enables you to control and optimize the navigation through your website, to safeguard against forceful browsing without having to configure relaxation rules to allow each and every legitimate URL.

You have the option to remove or x-out the sensitive data, such as credit-card numbers, in the response. Java-free, user friendly graphical user interface GUI: An intuitive GUI and preconfigured security checks make it easy to deploy security by clicking a few buttons.

A wizard prompts and guides you to create the required elements, such as profiles, policies, signatures, and bindings. Easy to Use and automatable CLI: The CLI commands can be executed by a batch file and are easy to automate.

citrix netscaler rewrite action movies

The learning engine recommends rules, which makes it easy to deploy relaxations without proficiency in regular expressions. Regular expression offer an elegant solution to the dilemma of wanting to consolidate rules and yet optimize search.

You can capitalize on the power of regular expressions to configure URLs, field names, signature patterns, and so on. The rich built-in GUI RegEx editor offers you a quick reference for the expressions and provides a convenient way to validate and test your RegEx for accuracy.

Blocked requests can be redirected to an error URL. You also have the option to display a customized error object that uses supported variables and Citrix default syntax advanced PI expressions to embed troubleshooting information for the client.

The rich set of reports makes it easy to meet the PCI-DSS compliance requirement, gather stats about traffic counters, and view violation reports for all profiles or just one profile. Logging and click-to-rule from log: Detailed logging is supported for native as well as CEF format.

The application firewall offers you the ability to filter targeted log messages in the syslog viewer. You can select a log message and deploy a corresponding relaxation rule by a simple click of a button. You have the flexibility to customize log messages and also have support for generating web logs.

For additional details, see http: Include violation logs in trace records:Netscaler URL rewrite. up vote 0 down vote favorite. Context: I have little/no experience with Netscaler and I'm just starting to use them. One of the first jobs I've been given to work with it is what I thought would be a simple one.

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issue with rewrite policy on netscaler ( submitted 10 hours ago by ExcelsAtMediocrity I'm currently load balancing our Exchange environment . Does anyone have a list /Cheat sheet of the most common expressions you use for the various rewrite, Pre authentication, Authorization, Session, Responder polices on the Netscaler?

and a small explanation of what they are used for? i use the expression editor but . NetScaler is an application delivery controller (ADC) and load balancing solution developed, sold and supported by Citrix. NetScaler operates in a similar market as F5 and other leading load balancer/ADC solutions and comes in both physical hardware (MPX/SDX) and virtualized forms (VPX/SDX).

FAQs and Deployment Guide. With the following features, the Citrix NetScaler application firewall offers a comprehensive security solution: The application firewall works seamlessly with other NetScaler features, such as rewrite, URL transformation, integrated caching.

Citrix NetScaler is one of the best Application Delivery Controller products in the world. The Application Delivery Controllers are commonly used for load balancing purposes, to optimize traffic, and to perform extra security settings/5(2).

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