Death of a salesman what is the spectacle

He was poisoned, stabbed, shot, hung, stretched, disemboweled, drawn and quartered. Time is but a window.

Death of a salesman what is the spectacle

Basically, a Greek tragedy is about a prosperous, renowned character bringing about his own downfall through a fatal flaw.

Willy Loman is not prosperous or renowned, and you could argue whether he has a fatal flaw or suffers from clinical depression.

In Poetics, which you can read more about on eNotes hereAristotle said that a proper tragedy must have six elements Death of a Salesman is not a Greek Tragedy, according to Aristotle.

Death of a salesman what is the spectacle

In Poetics, which you can read more about on eNotes hereAristotle said that a proper tragedy must have six elements: Plot, Characters, Diction, Thought, Spectacle, and Melody, and then he went on to define details of these six elements. Aristotle said that the plot should at least have a "change of fortune," or catastrophe.

Fortune refers to fate. Willy Loman's fortune doesn't change in the plot of Death of a Salesman. At the beginning he is poor and depressed, and at the end he is poor and depressed and dead.

According to Aristotle, the main character should be renowned and prosperous, so his reversal of fortune can be from good to bad, and the change should come about from a frailty in character, or character flaw.

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Willy Loman, though he wishes to be "well-liked," is not, as evidenced by the poor turn-out at his funeral. He certainly isn't prosperous.

Aristotle doesn't explain much about the third element, Thought, but Death of a Salesman seems thoughtful enough. However, in the fourth element, Diction, Aristotle expects a 'good command of metaphor.

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Aristotle's Greek tragedy should have a fully-integrated Chorus. Death of a Salesman has no chorus. Aristotle also mentions Spectacle, but he prefers for a play to not rely too heavily on spectacle. When you read the stage directions, you can see that Miller uses a lot of lighting and other effects to enhance dream sequences and create a mood of pity and terror.

Finally, the tragedy should end in catharsis, or the purging of emotion. This catharsis should leave the audience with a feeling of pleasure.

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While sad and pathetic, Death of a Salesman has never left me personally with a catharsis or a feeling of pleasure. You may have a different response.

Overall, however, Death of a Salesman does not fit the definition of a Greek tragedy according to Aristotle.Like the classical tragedy his death is also not shown on the stage keeping violence offstage, while the Requiem section functions in the manner of a Greek chorus.

Song and spectacle In a Greek tragedy the songs and spectacle added beauty to the play and helped create environment. Cambridge Analytica's Australian connections — the used-car salesman and the suburban front office. Jun 29,  · What is spectacle? What are a few important examples of spectacle that contribute to the dramatic effectiveness of Death of a Salesman?Status: Resolved.

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Death of a salesman what is the spectacle

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