Distribution of condoms in schools essay

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Distribution of condoms in schools essay

The Pope and male prostitutes Even though the barbaric days of the Inquisitions, Crusades, witch hunts, pogroms and holy wars are things of history for the Christian Church, deeply shameful events from their past that sometimes spanned centuries, unfortunately their arrogant willingness to inflict death and suffering on the world has not waned.

In the modern world they get to visit a new evil on innocent men, women and children. And that evil is the ban on the use of condoms. As in the past, a minority of ignorant but powerful old men force their primitive and superstitious dogma onto a majority of equally ignorant believers, and wholly unnecessary death and suffering is the result.

And as in the past, again it is Distribution of condoms in schools essay Catholic Church that is pushing this evil, and demonstrating that they are still living in the past, having failed to learn from their innumerable mistakes.

The modern world has witnessed the spread of the serious disease AIDS, which is caused by the virus HIV, but technology has also given us a limited means of controlling its spread, the condom. But the ignorant Catholic Church and its strict ban on contraception has seen the Pope demand that no Catholic shall ever use a condom, even if its use is to prevent the spread of HIV rather than contraception.

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AIDS has reached epidemic proportions in many countries, especially in Africa, where a great many are uneducated and under the Catholic spell.

The Catholic Church's grip on these people and its threat of eternal torture if they use contraception means that HIV is continuing to spread at an alarming rate.

Men and women are continuing to contract, suffer and die of AIDS, infected mothers are passing the infection onto their babies, and even untold numbers of children that are not infected end up as orphans as a result of the early deaths of their parents. The simple use of a condom could dramatically slow the spread of AIDS, and save millions of lives and untold human suffering.

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But the ignorant Pope and his decadent church are so convinced of their God's commandment that his creations go forth and multiply, that any attempt to have sex without the possibly of producing children is seen as blasphemous, sinful, as a rebellion against God.

Sex is for producing babies, nothing else. It is not to be entered into for enjoyment or even enjoyed at all. The only permitted acts are those that will produce children, oral sex for example is forbidden.

Likewise once a woman becomes pregnant, is menstruating, or is infertile, she must not have sex.

Distribution of condoms in schools essay

If a young man discovers he is infertile, he must also stop having sex. It's not for fun, OK? And of course since homosexuality will never produce offspring, it is likewise a big sin. Any attempt to have sex and prevent pregnancy is one of the most horrendous crimes that a Catholic can commit according to the Pope and his palace of celibate cronies.

And of course condoms are a very effective, very cheap, very simple means of contraception. They are also an effective way of preventing the transmission of HIV.

It wouldn't matter if the condom could cure world hunger and bring about world peace, it prevents little Catholics from being conceived and so it is an evil thing. Unfortunately it is the ignorant Catholics of the world that live in the high-risk countries for AIDS.

Well, all Catholics are ignorant to a degree or else they wouldn't be religious, but educated Catholics, certainly all that we've met, all use contraception and simply ignore the Vatican's wish to control their sex lives.

Concerning sex they, strangely enough, think they know more about God's true wishes than does the Pope and the Church. Technically they're called hypocrites.

But it is the uneducated, ignorant Catholics in the high-risk countries that could most benefit from using condoms and yet it is they that the Pope has the most control over. It is they that are terrified by the Pope's threat of damnation if they slip on a condom.

Pope Benedict XVI has incensed the thinking and caring citizens of the world by insisting that handing out condoms would actually make the problem of AIDS worse.

Distribution of condoms in schools essay

That the Pope, bishops, priests, nuns and the entire Catholic Church hierarchy are willing to waste their lives on their knees mumbling to an imaginary fairy is depressing enough, but in pushing their delusion out into the real world they visit this evil onto untold innocent men, women and children.

Millions will suffer and die unnecessarily solely because of a fear of punishment by a vindictive fairy that doesn't exist. To commit evil requires a mind with knowledge and intention.

The only evil perpetrated is the deliberate refusal by the pope and the Catholic Church to approve and distribute simple and cheap condoms that could alleviate untold suffering and death. Thou shalt not use condoms, even if your life depends on it.Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

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