Egyptian cosmogony and other weirdness

Chronological List of Important Source Material a. In the second century CE, versions of these texts were copied onto two papyri and provided with Demotic commentary.

Egyptian cosmogony and other weirdness

Egyptian cosmogony and other weirdness

There are many odd and revealing examples, such as GHW Bush's "any more dead ones? It's a page from John F Kennedy, on which he's written, repeatedly, "," and underscored the word "conspiracy" next to it.

ABC explains the numbers, without accounting for the word "conspiracy," by saying that "It turns out that was the tally of a committee vote, not a foreshadowing of the Sept.

If this were, say, a Richard Condon novel and not living history, and so foreshadowing just a literary device, there would be no dispute that Kennedy's doodle fit the definition. It's disputed now because people object to the impression that we may be the characters instead of the authors of our lives.

I'm talking about the conspiracy of consciousness. That by encoding the narrative of history with artful gestures of interpretation - the things that make us go hmmm - consciousness conspires to bring us to comprehension. Consider for a moment the familiar JFK and Abraham Lincoln coincidences, how their stories seem to enfold, and unfold, one another.

Such details as Lincoln's election to congress inJFK's exactly years later, and each entering the presidency 14 years after that; Lincoln's having a secretary named Kennedy, and Kennedy's a secretary Lincoln, and each being succeeded by a man named Johnson; both were shot in the head on a Friday, Lincoln by a man with three names born in who fled a theatre to a warehouse, while Kennedy's alleged three-named gunman, born infled a warehouse to a theatre; "Kennedy" and "Lincoln" each contain seven letters, and John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald, 15 - you know the list, and how it goes on.

Of course, a grab bag of coincidence a century apart should defy the conventions of even the loosest conspiracy model.

But in a holographic modelthings change. It is consciousness - not individual consciousness, but the collective consciousness of all life - that draws locality and temporality out of the wave pattern of higher vibrations that form the holographic universe and constructs the space and time setting for our life narrative.

The text alludes to the Heliopolitan creation account centred on the god Atum, but goes on to claim that the Memphite god Ptah preceded the sun god and that it was Ptah who created Atum and ultimately the other Egyptian gods and all else ‘through his heart and through his tongue’. Esna Cosmogony The final cosmogony to be discussed merits mention because, unlike the other creation accounts examined so far, the creator in the Esna Cosmogony is not a god, but the goddess Neith. This cosmogony is found on the walls of the Temple of Khnum at Esna and dates to the period of the Roman emperor Trajan ( C.E.). Egyptian Cosmogony and other weirdness: The embodiment of a complex society formed long before it's rightful time is that of the Egyptians.

And consciousness is a storyteller, employing literary devices such as foreshadowing as well as metaphor in our waking curiosity and dream statewhile some astral project and remote viewand as plant shamans, with heads full of snakesexplore innerspace via such gateways as DMT and ayahuasca.

But repeating patterns, even across centuries or great distances, may still evidence a conspiracy.

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