Fab four conquers the globe

Others may talk about exporting service. This juggernaut is doing it.

Fab four conquers the globe

But unlike many other aid organizations, GHNI is dedicated to teaching the villagers to help themselves, rather than merely providing funding or services. The norm for humanitarian aid shows that for the past 70 years, the solution was to throw large sums of money at a problem, which just does not work.

Coaches are provided with a motorcycle which permits them to move easily about, and the village must agree to participate in the program, meeting with the coach once a week for five years. But more than the recognition is the fruit of the labor, in this case evidenced by very real success stories in villages that literally have risen from the ashes.

Power first learned about GHNI from friends who put him in touch with the founder. His interest in the organization resulted in a trip to Kenya to see first-hand what could be done to lift up the poorest communities. Today, Power works to secure donors who can work with specific villages hopefully th rough a five-year commitment to lift a village out of poverty.


Half the donor money goes to the coach, the rest to the village to carry out the work. The bottom billion people living in utmost poverty are located in less than one million villages. And one million villages is a finite number.

In a growing movement, Power is successfully spreading the word about GHNI to corporations, capturing their interest in a unique way.

Some companies today are so vested in the program that they are adopting clusters of villages, which makes sense both from an economic perspective as well as a functional and operational one. When several villages in a cluster all work to better themselves, an entire region becomes stronger and more vested in sustaining a strong future.

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Some organizations are sending their employees to the village to see the work being done firsthand. Technology now allows villagers to Skype or facetime with the organizations providing the helping hand, so employees and employers can follow the progress being made.

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May 10,  · Collection of memorable moments from the O.C. Fab Four conquers all Song: The Piano Song - A Cursive Memory Disclaimer: I own NOTHING. . Note: Of Levy's fab four, only McDonald's sells a service, not a packaged good.

And if the packaged- goods purveyors are any model, McDonald's untapped potential remains enormous. The company already sells its burgers in 73 countries and pulls in about .


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Datum Fab Four Three Peaks Triumph. Four intrepid Datum explorers have successfully tackled Yorkshire’s Three Peaks Challenge. Gareth Bradshaw, Chris Fielding, Aidan Taylor and Dave Pilkington conquered the three peaks of Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough in just under nine hours.

Fab four conquers the globe
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