Grant write access to external drive mac

Computers How to adjust hard-drive permissions in OS X Hard drives in OS X are by default readable by everyone; however, you can change this so only specific users can access a drive. Additionally, you can attach numerous USB or FireWire hard-drive systems to any Mac if needed, to give it additional storage capacity.

Grant write access to external drive mac

Solving read-only conditions for external hard drives Along with the use of incompatible formats, errors can prevent a drive from being written to. Often commercially available drives will be formatted to FAT32 and therefore be fully compatible with both Windows and OS X; however, many popular drives especially high-capacity ones may be formatted to NTFS by default.

Unfortunately even though there are third-party drivers and workarounds to allow OS X to write to NTFS drives, these features are not supported by default, so such drives will only be mounted read-only.

Permissions not ignored Being a multiuser operating system, OS X sets up access permissions for all files and folders on the system, including external drives, which are merely accessed as a folder once attached and mounted. Since permissions are set up through account UUID and UID numbers, if the drive is used with different systems, it may have permissions associated with it for accounts that your current system does not recognize, or even odd permissions settings that can prevent access to the files on the disk or to the disk itself.

This may happen even though getting information on files and folders shows you ought to have full access to the drive. To prevent such errors from happening, OS X includes a setting to ignore permissions on external drives, so all files on the drive should be fully accessible regardless of their permissions settings.

To set this option for external drives, select the drive on your desktop or in the Finder sidebar, and then press Command-I to get information on the drive. In the information window that pops up, go to the Sharing section and click the lock to authenticate. In here, locate the file called "volinfo.

Once this is complete, detach and reattach your external drive, and then try toggling the setting to ignore ownership on the volume.

Note that these permissions settings will only be available on drives with formats that support them, so if you are using a FATformatted drive, the option to ignore permissions will not be available. This volume needs to be repaired, so if you see errors listed in red when clicking "Verify Disk," then be sure to correct them as they can result in the disk only mounting as read-only.

While in many cases formatting errors are relatively minor and tolerated by the system, there are times when the system may determine it safest to only mount the drive in a read-only state to prevent corruption to the data on it.

When this happens, you should see a warning when attaching the drive that states it is only being mounted in read-only mode, and in these cases you should first back up all contents on the drive. Then use Disk Utility or another robust disk or volume repair tool like DiskWarrior to check the drive for errors and attempt to fix them.

grant write access to external drive mac

Sometimes errors can go unnoticed on a drive, so if these tools report the drive is working OK, then consider wiping the drive and repartitioning it. Then click the Options button and choose GUID as the partition type to use, followed by clicking Apply to save these changes.

Generally read-only errors with drives are limited to their formatting, so these steps should help fix the problem, but do keep an eye on the drive; if the problem crops up again, it could be a hardware malfunction in the drive, in which case it would be best to replace it.

Post them below or e-mail us!Mar 28,  · macOS Sierra: Set permissions for items on your Mac Write Only: Makes a folder into a drop box. Users can copy items to the drop box, but can’t open it. Only the owner of the drop box can open it. No Access: Blocks all access to the item.

Apply permissions to all items in a folder or a disk. Being a multiuser operating system, OS X sets up access permissions for all files and folders on the system, including external drives, which are merely accessed as a folder once attached and mounted.

grant write access to external drive mac

Oct 02,  · Mac OS X has always been able to read NTFS drives, but tucked away in Mac OS X is a hidden option to enable write support to drives formatted as NTFS (NTFS stands for New Technology File System and is a proprietary file system format for Microsoft Windows).

Sep 30,  · Many Mac users like to make a bootable installer drive for installing OS X El Capitan, whether for performing a clean install, or for making it easier to install OS X onto multiple Macs. We will walk through creating a bootable install flash drive from OS X El Capitan with the final public.

Jun 22,  · While the only Mac systems that have user-accessible drive bays are Apple's Mac Pro line, some systems such as the Mac Mini and iMac have options to include multiple hard drives. Once you have taken the ownership of file or folder next part comes is Granting Permissions to that file/folder or object..

How to Grant Permissions in Windows 7. 1. Locate the file or folder on which you want to take ownership in windows explorer.

2. Right click on file or folder and select “Properties” from Context Menu. 3.

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