Hult international business school personal statement

However, these programs tend to prepare the best senior management students in the world of business, so it is totally supported that the effort to be selected has to be great. Even though many people think that having an MBA is not necessary at all, it actually helps in many ways. So, if you want to know more about the different benefits of an MBA can offer plus the different opportunities for MBA abroad requirements are in order to help you choose the best option and get the best education possible. Benefits from Studying an MBA In the different areas of business, from finance, accounting to marketing and even human resources, an MBA will be the best way to improve knowledge and expertise in the field, without having to specialize in a specific field in business, MBAs offer the most complete and general knowledge necessary to become a better scholar without having to specialize in specific subjects.

Hult international business school personal statement

Hult International Business School (Hult Dubai) - Company Details on ZAWYA MENA Edition

Subscribe by Email Disclaimer This blog and its contents are the personal observations and opinions of the authors. They do not represent the views of Northwestern University. This annual competition is a start-up accelerator for aspiring young entrepreneurs attending universities around the world.

Hult international business school personal statement

It aims to identify and launch the most compelling social business ideas — start-up enterprises that tackle serious issues faced by billions of people. The winning team receives 1 million USD in seed capital as well as mentorship and advice from the international business community.

Smitha Sarma, Justin Huelman, Jared Davis, and Amber Meriwether faced the particular challenge of reducing the burden of non-communicable disease in urban slums using a social enterprise that could impact 25 million people in 5 years.

I spoke with team members after the competition. How did you get involved in the Hult Case Competition? Medical Innovation program and thought this would be a great opportunity for us to further pursue our passion for improving healthcare.

We were pleasantly shocked when we found out in January that we were one of teams selected for the semi-finals from more than 10, around the world. What was the preparation like leading up to the competition?

Our preparation involved meetings and phone calls with doctors and business experts, hours spent googling articles on non-communicable diseases and social entrepreneurship, and countless flowcharts and lists drawn out on the white board trying to come up with a good business model.

Our final idea looked nothing like our original one! Describe the competition process and atmosphere, what was it like on the actual competition day? Give us a little background on the case as well.

Our idea was to create a tobacco cessation program that enables low-income populations to overcome their addiction. However, most of these individuals have no access to the proper medications or support mechanisms to successfully quit. Thus, if we figure out a way to introduce a comprehensive cessation program, we have the potential to impact many lives.

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There were 50 teams representing universities from around the world. Most teams consisted of MBA students; my team was unique in that regard.

The first day, we heard from experienced entrepreneurs who gave us encouraging advice. My favorite talk was given by Adam Cheyer, the inventor of Siri. He spent 17 years coming up with his product, going through countless iterations.

He told us that if you have a vision and you are persistent, you will go on to do great things. The next day, we woke up early, rehearsed our presentation over and over again, and gave our 12 minute pitch to an expert panel of judges, who were leaders in healthcare, innovation and consulting.

Out of the 50 teams, 1 was selected to proceed to the accelerator. Their business was to manufacture a negative pressure wound healing device that will help slum dwellers with foot ulcers due to diabetes and other complications.

It was a brilliant idea! What would you say is the most valuable thing you got out of the competition? After the competition, Hult hosted a nice reception, giving the students and judges a chance to socialize.

Our team spoke with the judges who heard our pitch and asked them for advice. I learned three important things that evening. It is critical that you only spend half the allotted time giving your pitch, to allow the audience plenty of time to ask questions.

Secondly, know your audience. Cut to the chase and wow them with your idea! The winning team had spent years developing their prototype, testing it out in low-income settings and creating a sustainable business model.

This team was well on its way to creating a real company and the Hult Prize was its big break.Hult International Business School is a global business school with campus locations in San Francisco, Boston, London, Dubai, Shanghai, Ashridge (UK) and New York City.

Hult has a student body comprising over nationalities and an alumni network of . Note: This category should be empty. Any content should be recategorised. This tag should be used on existing categories that are likely to be used by others, even though the "real" category is elsewhere.

Hult International Business School’s Ashridge campus (Hult Ashridge) is a world-leading research center just a short distance from London in the UK. Hult Ashridge is one of the schools rotation campuses for Global MBA students.

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Initially founded in as the Arthur D. Little School of Management, Hult International Business School emphasized a business education that combined classroom experience with heavy real world learning and practice.

Hult is the world's largest and most international business school, offering its students an unrivalled global perspective. Students work alongside peers from over nationalities who collectively speak languages, and join a 9,strong alumni network upon graduation.

Boston-based Hult International Business School - which used to be the Arthur D Little school of management - is expanding further and taking control of Huron University in London.

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