Increasing the security and protection in schools

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Increasing the security and protection in schools

This Bengaluru-based company helps ensure children are safe on and off campus. Children's safety has always been paramount for parents and has become an increasing cause for concern.

This got me thinking about how to ensure student tracking. I had school-going children at that time. I worked with my team on integrating radio frequency technology into the tracking system.

The workings The end-to-end service provides two kinds of technology: The radio frequency identification card student ID catches radio signals emitted by the reader when the child boards the bus as well as when the child enters the school campus. Once the student boards the bus, the GPS card inside the device detects time and location.

The GPRS card sends this information to the centrally located application in the server. This then generates alerts through an app for parents. To use the student tracking system, the school management has to first provide on-campus requirements for card readers. The gate reader can detect radio signals within a range of 70 metres, whereas the bus reader can detect signals within metres.

Srinavasa says the company designs and manufactures all products and services in-house. The security guard at the school can verify the moment the bus enters the campus through the web portal.

The routes are optimised through paid Google Maps that can help schools find the best route for children.

The visitors and parent management app monitors those who visit the child on campus. Challenges While the SkoolSmart founder believes his team was technologically equipped, their main challenge was to convince schools to adopt the integrated tracking system.

So we had to be patient and explain all the details of our service. Data protection The app is available both in both iOS and Android versions. The data generated is cloud-stored on servers.

The school administration has all this data as web reports stored in their system.

Increasing the security and protection in schools

All the data is secured by them. The team at the central monitoring system tracks the system continuously during school hours. If there are hacks, the entire system will be shut down as alerts of intrusion are received by our software team immediately. School authorities and parents would be informed about the shutdown.

We have not had any such incident so far," says Srinivasa. They have emergency buttons, can make and receive calls from pre-programmed numbers and features an emergency button that enables live location tracking at any time.

Dhundhoo is a homegrown startup that provides a GPS-based vehicle tracking system. The business and sector There are some strict policies and guidelines that school buses need to adhere to. Also with increasing crimes and violence against children, CCTV cameras are mandatory.

A report by WHO on road safety stated that the mortality rate of children is as high as 19 in a lakh. SkoolSmart earns its revenue through annual charges from schools. They are charged Rs 1, - Rs 1, per annum per child. But we are not looking to raise funds at this moment.

The major investor is Exicom Telesystems based in Gurugram holding a majority stake.Stand for Security's goal is to raise our industry’s standards by increasing professionalism and training, improving wages and benefits, and developing career opportunities for security officers.

By implementing market-wide standards for security officers, we are helping to create good jobs for our communities and working to lower turnover, improve training, and make our communities safer. Texas Schools Allowing School Marshal Increasing. 0. By admin.

July 3, Texas enacted its Protection of Children Act Program that allows individual school districts to have armed individuals on campus. School districts do not reveal the identity of its School Marshals for security reasons, or whether there are any Marshals on campus. Destiny Solutions Brings the Reduced PCI Scope, Brand Protection and Security of Bluefin's Validated P2PE Solution to their Higher Education Clients ATLANTA and TORONTO, Nov.

13, /PRNewswire. By Mike Boehm. Our schools are no longer safe. It’s become increasingly clear that our school safety and security has been compromised. It seems to be a constant theme in the news, as of late, that our precious children are in danger while at school.

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Cover & Front Matter Is your school prepared? There is a wealth of school safety and security resources available on the Internet.

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