International strategy assignment case study waitrose

Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer. According to the sources, it shall be taken into consideration that over 21 million visitors visit the retail store each week spread all across the globe. The retail chain i.

International strategy assignment case study waitrose

Methods for maintaining and developing brand image for new products, marketing principles? Value change concept for product promotion? Marketing research for launch of new product? Plan for diversify the product range? Introduction New product launch and the strategies followed for implementing essential changes has to be planned by the management.

Launching new products in the market is an expensive task, and thus marketing research needs to be done in the right manner. The process followed for increasing the sales has to be analysed and related to the objectives of the company.

Strategic change sand implementation of the corrective steps has to be evaluated before introducing the plan for new product launch. Expectations and preferences of the clients have to be evaluated as this helps in introducing the changes that will benefit the company Gil et al.

Methods for maintaining and developing brand image for new products, marketing principles Waitrose is a recipe Indian meals service provider that supplies readymade meals to the clients.

The company proposed to collaborate with Noon Products and both would together sell readymade food products to the customers. Waitrose was aware about the increasing demand for readymade food, which is meant to save time and efforts for the clients.

Quality was one of the prime requirements that were carefully handled by the company for improving the brand image. The motive of the company was to sell top quality food products to the clients at acceptable price rage.

Both the companies worked towards improving the quality standards for the food products, which was essential for creating brand image Hawabhay et al. New products Partnered companies had proposed to launch new products with improved qualities for the clients.

Noon products had submitted a range of different products that would attract Waitrose buyers.

International strategy assignment case study waitrose

Quality and services were analysed by the company, as this was meant to attract the potential buyers. The products were refined, until the buyers were completely satisfied with the quality and taste of the products Jones, Brand image management requires coordination of the communication process directly with sales inducing methods.

Brand concept management requires planning, control, and implementation of the products after analysing the life of the brand. Successful branding process adds value to the reputation and sales value for the company.

The name and symbol of the products identify the quality of the services offered to the clients. These acts as a distinguishing characteristic that helps in create positive aspect about the products in the minds of the customers. Brand identity is useful in marketing the services and products sold by the company to the clients.

Promotional expenses for attracting the clients are usually high and in some cases unaffordable. Through brand management system, the expenses can be controlled by the management.

Branding helps the company to capture a share in the market, which helps the buyers to differentiate the quality and product from the competitors. Vision and image approach Brand positioning is associated with the strategic objectives created by the top management of the company.

The management of Noon Products and Waitrose intends to launch new product range that would handle the requirements of the clients Goodwin et al. The vision, culture and image about the company and the brand name have to be highlighted in this process. Vision - The vision of the company is to launch wide range of products that would cater the requirements of the clients.


Quality, price, and services are some of the basic factors that are concentrated by the management. Improved quality for the products and features would provide improved benefits to the company and the clients Broyles et al.

Culture — The culture of the company is to research of different types of products which can be sold to the clients. Image — The image is attempted to be created positively by increasing the range and taste for the products sold to the clients. The above mentioned three factors have to be planned and aligned in an effective manner.

This helps in maintaining the brand image, and promoting the services to the clients. Different factors that affects the decision making process for the products and services are analysed in this process.

Quality of internal and external communication process within the company is developed. Quality check and analysis method that would be followed for introducing new products for the clients Adopting an effective strategy that will help in approaching clients and improving the sales Esch et al.Waitrose Case Study - International Strategy.


INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY ASSIGNMENT Case Study - Waitrose INTRODUCTION Waitrose was setup at Acton in ; it was founded by Wallace Waite, Arthur Rose & David Taylor. In the year Taylor left the firm, the first shop named “Waitrose” was formed. The company was . The study of Business Strategy Hudson’s Bay is Broad Differentiation..

launching more and new products. So the present Corporate strategy for Hudson Bay under which they are working are Incremental & International Growth Strategy.

Case Study: Dominican College is located 15 miles northwest of New York City. The college offers Bachelor of Science programs in Accounting, Computer Information Systems (CIS), and Management programs. Marks and Spencer of Britain (often referred to as Marks & Sparks by locals) is a general retailer that sells clothes, gifts, home furnishings, and foods under the St.

Michael trademark in the UK, Europe, the Americas and Far East. Marketing assignment on wilkinson case study by sfakhry_1 in Types > Creative Writing. Unit 5 Full Assignment E Strategy. Documents Similar To Strategic Marketing Assignment. Strategic Marketing role in growing business Uploaded by.

Founded in in London, Tesco plc is a British‐based international grocery and general merchandising retail chain. Tesco's international expansion strategy has responded to the need to be sensitive to local Consider attempting the case study as a group exercise; you could form a study group with fellow students.

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