Laramie project essay questions

Download this Essay in word format. Matthew Shepard Story," directed by Roger Spottiswoode, is a Canadian-American television film highlighting the true story of year-old gay youth, Matthew Shepard.

Laramie project essay questions

To this point, the play is all but a work of nonfiction.

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The question is then, how did he do this? How did he formulate the play in such a way that he made the events come alive not with just the details but with all the complexities that surrounded the crime? How did Kaufman arrange his material so that people who came to see the play were stirred to the point of wanting to ask more questions of themselves, of their community, and of their society as a whole?

In other words, how did Kaufman turn real events into a work of creative theatrical drama? Most of these questions can be answered in a very simple way. The overall tool that Kaufman uses to create drama is contrast.

The Laramie Project Act 1, Chapter 3 Analysis

But what is less obvious is how he Laramie project essay questions this tool. To begin this exploration, one needs to go no further than the beginning of the first act. It is here that readers can witness how the playwright pits one thought against another, as he dives into the interviews and arranges the sentences of each interviewee so that one stands either in partial or complete contradiction with the other.

For example, several townspeople offer background information about what life, under normal circumstances, is like in Wyoming.

The setting that Hilliker describes is in stark contrast to the circumstances that are about to be discussed, of course. But it is through contradictions such as this that Kaufman plays with the emotions of his audience.

Another example occurs when Kaufman offers the statement of Philip Dubois, president of the same university. Dubois describes how safe he feels living in Wyoming.

In contrast to what he would do if he lived in a large city, in Laramie Dubois allows his children to play unsupervised outside at night. It is in this way that Kaufman sprays a mist of emotional colors throughout his play, teasing his audience first in one direction, than jerking them abruptly to the other edge of the spectrum.

Even though the general consensus of the interviewees at the beginning of the play is that of peace and the belief that Wyoming is a nice place to live, Kaufman weaves through these positive comments statements that hint otherwise.

Let the audience beware, Kaufman is suggesting. All is not perpetual goodness in this so-called paradise. So although Kaufman appears to be delivering just the facts of the case, he is cleverly manipulating the information.

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Working on The Laramie Project has (among many other things) raised some significant aesthetic questions for me as an actor and an artist. What is this piece? Surely a work of fiction would not draw its text from real interviews and journal entries, and surely a work of nonfiction would not incorporate lighting design, sound design, costumes, blocking, and certainly not actors.

Possible Questions for Discussion after Reading or Seeing The Laramie Project Why did Moises Kaufman choose not to have Matthew Shepard appear as a character in the play? How do people in the play stand up to hatred and bigotry? Buy Lesson Plans The Laramie Project: Read 1 Kindle Store Reviews - alphabetnyc.comiews: 1. This chapter focuses on math activities, games, and research questions. And knowledge are relevant to the best one dalessio, reproducing the aims of the state of knowledge; this clearly is the standard strategies used to aid stakeholders to become a prominent place.

Literary Analysis. In her review of "The Laramie Project" by Moisés Kaufman and members of the Tetonic Theater Project, Amy L.

Laramie project essay questions

Tigner contends that The Laramie Project was written in the style of a narrative although it tries to present itself as a true story.

Specifically, she argues that The Laramie Project is biased through its presentation. Question: How does The Laramie Project fit under the category of ethnographic theater? Answer: Ethnographic theater aims to present and explore a particular culture, in this case the town of Laramie, for analysis.

Moises Kaufman and his actors told the story of real people who were the subjects of research and interviews. They avoided taking a. The answers to these questions can be found below as I examine the problems which I could identify from reviewing the case, and as I analyze these problems, how they were managed in The Blue Spider Project and present some alternative actions that could have been taken.

A production of The Laramie Project, a play by Moises Kaufman, is based upon interviews with the Laramie, Wyo., residents following the violent death of a homosexual male college student, Matthew Shepard. 3/5(3). Nov 02,  · verbatim theatre: the Laramie Project and Parramatta Girls and Traditional Australian Theatre: the Removalist and Norm and Ahmed..

I don't have any interest in these texts either, so i think that may be a problem I'm facing with my questions, as I don't believe that these types of theatre (although they're interesting in theory) are very.

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