Nick leeson and barings bank incident

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Nick leeson and barings bank incident

By Andrew Beattie Updated May 10, — 1: At the epicenter of the financial earthquake was Nick Leesona derivatives trader who, by the age of 28, had risen through the ranks of Barings to head its operations on the Singapore International Monetary Exchange SGX.

Unfortunately, Leeson lost his touch as his speculative range increased. Leading up tohe had been hiding losses from bad trades in a secret account.

Leeson was able to accomplish this because of a management flaw in Barings that gave him the responsibility of double-checking his own trades, rather than having him report to a supervisor.

Instead of reigning in his speculative gambles, Leeson continued to play increasingly bigger odds in an attempt to recover lost money.

Ironically, the trade that undid Leeson and the year-old bank was one of his more conservative positions. Leeson placed a short straddle on the Nikkeiguessing that the exchange would remain stable overnight, neither going up nor down by a significant margin.

Normally, Leeson would have been safe in such a position, but the earthquake in Kobe caused a sharp drop in the Nikkei and other Asian markets.

Faced with huge losses, Leeson panicked and attempted to offset the losses with increasingly desperate, short-term gambles that were based on the rate of recovery of the Nikkei. Sadly, the severity of the earthquake squashed all hopes of a rapid recovery.

Leeson fled the country, but eventually he was arrested in Germany.Barings Bank was a British merchant bank based in London, and the world's second oldest merchant bank (after Berenberg Bank). It was founded in and was owned by the German-originated Baring family of merchants and bankers.

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Nick leeson and barings bank incident

ANAND RATHI Introdution First Page. Uploaded by. Events leading to Barings Bank’s collapse Barings Bank’s activities in Singapore between and enabled Nick Leeson to operate effectively without supervision from Barings Bank in London.

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Leeson acted both as head of settlement operations (charged with ensuring accurate accounting) and as floor manager for Barings’ trading. Nick Leeson and Barings Bank Incident. Topics: Barings Bank This incident caused Barings Bank collapsed in due to high the loss, which is very far above their capital.

This was due to not being able to meet the obligations of trading, Leeson opened on behalf of the Bank. Barings was Britain’s oldest merchant bank. It had financed the Napoleonic wars, the Louisiana purchase, and the Erie Canal. Barings was the Queen’s bank. What really grabbed the world’s attention was the fact that the failure was caused by the actions of a single trader based at a small office in Singapore.

Nick Leeson. UBS rogue trader scandal Jump to as in the case of the unauthorized trades by Nick Leeson at the Singapore office of Barings Bank, the Adoboli incident took place at a location away from the bank's central office, Nick Leeson caused a loss of £ million for Barings Bank.

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