The creation analytical paper that i

In fact, back when "computer" was a job title, most computers were women too. The male-dominated industry we have today is a very recent development.

The creation analytical paper that i

Faleh Alshameri Purpose — This paper aims to, by looking at the electronic medical record EMR from three points of view, bring light to the dynamics that are essential and are currently missing in the USA.

Ontological supports of knowledge: Knowledge creation and analytical knowledge

The traditional paper medical record has worked for physicians, management and patients since the beginning of practice.

Yet the development of the EMR did not begin with all the essential elements of the traditional record that were working, but instead shreds out important aspects of the patient. Findings — An efficient EMR has to take into consideration more than just one area of study.

The dynamics between departments and users of the EMR need an integrated process that includes the necessary pieces of all involved.

This hole has not been addressed in academic literature. Practical implications — There is a depth, space and volume crucial to the comprehensive nature of medicine.

With a perspective or dimension, necessary dialogues can be addressed and more intuitive tacit knowledge from medical expertise can be made available. A prototype, filling the holes of the observed elements in this paper, is possiblebyusing digital objects and including more information than the data of the day.

Bringing accountability to the patient, more expertise to the fingertips of the physician and available data for management purposes area are the key ingredients for an effective EMR.

Filling the holes of the observed elements in this paper all support better healthcare and long-term results for the health of society. The term knowledge management hereafter KMpresented as an organisational activity that leads to success Sveiby,is a stimulator for discussion and subject to a wide range of interpretations Akehurst et al.

Neff noted that KM could be " anything the client wants it to be " p. Yet " knowledge is really the ability to understand and explain why things are as they are " Ackerman,p.

The creation analytical paper that i

All forms of knowledge have a personal and tacit element that needs to be considered Akehurst et al. Since knowledge is derived at through individuals contribution to the workplace Dzinkowski, and since individuals are an organisation's main generator of wealth Dean and Kretschmer, ; Earl,there is the argument to integrate individual knowledge carriers into the discourse on managing their knowledge.Essay compare and contrast two stories of creation.

November 21, Essay compare and contrast two stories of creation.

The creation analytical paper that i

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She has studied “that one bird” and the “one star” for long enough to acknowledge that the beauty and wonder behind one tiny little bird is . The Creation Analytical Paper that I wrote is an analytical paper for the poem "The Creation" by James Weldon Johnson.

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