Writing a core competency statement

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Writing a core competency statement

Annette Lewis Competency Based Writing a core competency statementInterview Tips and Techniques Competency Based Interviewing is an increasing popular tool used in large organisations such as Banks and Government departments with interviewers now being trained to analyse competency answers as standard.

This format is used in an effort to make the interview process as fair as possible. It is being adopted increasingly where many managers are interviewing for the same type of position at the same time.

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Studies have shown this format to be about 5 times more accurate than traditional interviewing in assessing and choosing the right applicant.

Competency Interview Questions Summary This article deals with how to answer competency questions asked in Interviews. These are commonly Behavioural Based in nature and are used to assess how a candidates past actions can be used as a predictor of future performance. These questions require you to provide specific examples and usually take the form of: Avoid the temptation to invent or embellish.

Your response needs to be relevant and sufficiently detailed to show that you understand what is required, that you possess the relevant core competency and can use it effectively.

Your answers will be scored and the quality will depend on the extent of your preparation. Use the job description or advertisement to get an idea of the essential competencies required and prepare example of situations where you used these skills to achieve a successful outcome.

Most Competency Based and Behavioural Questions require you to give an example of a situation you have been involved in. This sounds straightforward however it is very easy to give a long rambling answer resulting in a low score.

This situation can be from a previous job, from a personal experience or from any relevant event. Give enough detail for the interviewer to understand what was involved.

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Even if you are discussing a group project or task, describe what you did rather than the achievements of the team. Talk about what you accomplished, what you delivered in terms of benefit and what you learned.

If you can also show that you identified the problem and initiated the action this will stand in your favour however it is not essential.

If possible, detail statistics or figures which highlight the magnitude of your success, mention positive feedback you received and talk about what you learned and how this learning will help you in the job being recruited. While we favour the iPAR technique, feel free to use whichever you are most familiar and comfortable with.

Sample Competency Interview Answers Remember to tell it like a story as this will better engage the interviewer. Here is a sample competency answer using the iPAR technique above. Tell me about a difficult project you managed and describe the obstacles you encountered and how you overcame them.

In addition we were not using them as an opportunity to learn about our customer or to drive process improvement initiatives. I realised very quickly that not only was this an issue for us which I knew I could solve quickly but also I saw the potential to enhance our relationship with our customers.

writing a core competency statement

I then set up a project group with the goal to deliver a system of processing and managing these emails. I recruited internally as I wanted to give my team exposure to working on such a project. I put regular reporting in place, ensured that all stakeholders were involved and communicated with.

Three weeks after starting the project I lost two team members due to sickness — we were on a very tight deadline and I knew that the success of this project lay in my ability to motivate and manage the team I had.

I identified key replacements and revised the plan accordingly so that work would not fall behind. I ensured the team knew what had to be delivered and by when and I got staff buy-in from very early on. During the course of the project I managed the team, rescheduled tasks as required, communicated regularly with all interested parties and ultimately delivered the project successfully.

This is a great selling tool and designed to get the attention of the interviewer. How to Prepare Your Answers A word of caution: While you may be tempted to use a sample competency answer such as that above, we caution against this.

It is much better to use the structures and guides to create your own answer in your own words. In that way you will avoid being caught out in the interview. By doing so, you will find that you have a sufficient stock of information which will help you answer any competency question irrespective of the style used.

Even if you simply jot down bullet points rather than a full answer you will keep this content fresh in your mind and on the tip of your tongue when you go to the interview. Answering Competency Based Interview questions can be a challenge.

It is very common for candidates to make mistakes, perhaps giving examples which are not relevant or answers which are poorly structured. InterviewGold for Competency Interviews is the leading online interview skills training system and to date has helped thousands of candidates win jobs.

Not only will it teach you how to excel in your interview, it provides you with Competency Questions and Answers.But once you get inside the Six Core Competencies model, you’ll see that it does carve a roadmap through the creative jungle toward writing a publishable manuscript, a process that’s about as clear and left-brained as anything relating to a highly right-brained endeavor can be.

The company has core competence in creating technology based K education solutions to the clients worldwide.

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With current footprints in US, UK, Netherlands, Africa, Middle-east, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Singapore, Nigeria, Bangladesh and India, the company is now rapidly expanding its footprint across other parts of the world. MOSAIC competencies.

for your use. QUICK TIPS FOR WRITING COMPETENCIES. Sometimes, it may be necessary to write a competency. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind: Define competencies simply and clearly.

Anyone reading the competency should be able to easily identify what the competency is. Self-awareness core competencies include time management, personal and professional ethics, confidence and motivation.

Qualitative assessments might include how much respect employees show for their colleagues or leader, and how well the employee adapts to change. Four Easy Steps to Writing Effective Value Statements When created and implemented in the right way, your value statements will take on strong meaning and serve as your agreed-upon standards for evaluating the actions and behaviors of the team.

The idea of "core competencies" is one of the most important business ideas currently shaping our world.

writing a core competency statement

This is one of the key ideas that lies behind the current wave of outsourcing, as businesses concentrate their efforts on things they do well and outsource as much as they can of everything else.

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